Garmin Alpha Holster

  • Our holster for the Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld has been designed exclusively by LCS Field Testers with the features you are looking for that will withstand any demanding conditions you can throw at it! We thought about all the features we would want and designed them into this holster.

    Our Garmin Alpha Leather Holster in made in the USA of durable and highly weather resistant top grain cowhide - it won't bleed when wet nor get stiff and crack. It's made from a supple leather that is very comfortable against your body when worn on your belt. Next, we wanted a design that would allow you to secure the holster to a belt, saddle strap, and other anchor point with having to go through an elaborate "threading" process. Our belt loop design is securely stitched at the top and utilizes two heavy-duty military spec. snap closures at the bottom, which allows you to slide the loop onto your belt without removing it from your pants. You can then secure it into position with TWO reliable snaps that will provide tremendous resistance to being torn off when crashing through brush. In addition, we have added a grommet at the bottom of the holster that will allow your secure your handheld to the holster and other anchor point via a lanyard. Next, we designed a top retainer strap that loops around the shorter permanent antenna on the top of the handheld that securely snaps into place. When this strap is utilized you could do handstands and your handheld would stay in your holster until you unsnap it.

    Overall, the leather used to produce this holster has enough structure to support and protect your valuable unit without excessive weight, stiffness, or expense. We done our best to "over engineer" its design to ensure performance to your expectations. We are very glad it's made in the USA by American leather craftspeople.

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    The ALPHA leather holster was designed to protect the screen from potential damage.

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