Filson Double Tin Chaps

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  • The Filson Double Tin Chaps are the finest upland chaps that money can buy, keeping your legs clean and dry in briars, brambles, rain, and snow.  They secure to your belt with adjustable snap straps.  Features a double-layer of tin cloth on the bottom 14 in. of the pant leg, with brass boot zippers for easy on and off.  Moisture is kept out of the boot zipper with a protective snap flap. These water-repellent chaps will allow you to conquer the toughest terrain in the harshest weather.  Made in the USA from 12.5 oz. 100% cotton oil finished tin cloth, which can only be brushed clean to retain water-repellency, so they are not machine washable. 

    Comes in Regular (29-31 in. inseam) or Long (32-34 in. inseam) lengths and Regular or Husky leg girth.  They will arrive quite stiff but will become supple and pliable with use and wear.

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