Ecollar Technologies Easy Educator 1/2 Mile Training System

  • E-Collar Technologies Easy Educator Systems

    Key Features:

    • Dog Size: 5 lbs. and Larger
    • 1/2 Mile Range
    • LCD Display with Back Light allows for Precision Control of Stimulation
    • 1 Dog Transmitter can be converted to the 2 Dog version on the fly
    • 2 Hour Quick Charge Lithium Polymer via USB or Charger
    • Battery Level Icon and Flashing Light Indication
    • Lost Transmitter Beeper Mode
    • Waterproof and Shock Resistant
    • Color Carrying Case Included
    • Remote Tracking Light – Great for Evening Walks
    • Two Year Full Warranty (Batteries Covered)
    • Assembled in the USA

    Stimulation Sensation Features:

    256 Levels of smooth “blunt” stimulation with 100 Levels displayed on the LCD “Lock and Set” and “Maximum Stimulation” Safety Features.

    Five Stimulation Modes to Choose from:

    • Momentary Stimulation – Brief Pulse of Stimulation.
    • Momentary Boost – Brief Pulse of Boosted Stimulation.
    • Continuous – Continuous Stimulation up to 10 Seconds.
    • Continuous Boost – Continuous Stimulation of Boosted Level up to 10 Seconds.
    • Patented “Instant Stimulation” Mode.
    • Tone and Vibration both have options to automatically administer the stimulation sensation after 2 seconds of tone or vibration should the dog choose not to comply.
    • Adjustable Boost User Changeable between 1 through 60: allows for quick emergency stimulation to freeze the dog if the situation warrants it.
    • Includes advanced features using an inlcuded Computer Interface Tool.