E-Collar Technologies Mini Educator 2 Dog Remote System

  • E-Collar Technologies Mini Educator 2 Dog System

    The Mini Educator (ET-300TS) is a 1/2 mile remote trainer loaded with unique features making it the most humane and effective dog training collar available. The ability to set the boost level from 1 to 60 levels allows the user to tailor the boost stimulation to your dog’s temperament. Smaller dogs typically need 1 to 20 while bigger more stubborn dogs require the 20 to 60 boost range. The “lock and set” greatly reduces the chances of overstimulation by allowing the user to lock in a desired stimulation level. The smaller transmitter is especially well-suited for smaller hands or in situations where discreetness is important. But, don’t be fooled by the small receiver size, it provides plenty of stimulation for most dogs. The unique COS (control of stimulation) technology provides very clean and reliable stimulation without the normal head jerking often found with other training collars.

    The tapping sensation employed is similar to vibration, but more intense making it a good substitute for the stimulation. The stopwatch-style transmitter is so ergonomic; you don’t even have to look at the remote allowing you to watch your dog. The night tracking light is controlled by the transmitter allowing the user to flash or continuously light up the collar receiver for locating your dog after dark. A lost transmitter beeper can be turned on to help locate a misplaced or lost transmitter. The transmitter even floats so don’t worry if you drop in the lake.

    Assembled in the USA.

    One-Dog Mini Educator: E-Collar Technologies Mini Educator System

      • Dog Size: 5 lbs. and Larger
      • 1/2 Mile Range 100 Levels with “Lock and Set” (Patent Pending)
      • Night Blue LCD Display Remote Tracking Light
      • Instant Adjustable Booster Buttons (Patent Pending)
      • Momentary and Continuous Buttons
      • Tapping Sensation Button (Improved Vibration
      • Floating Transmitter
      • 2 Hour Quick Charge (Li-Polymer Batteries)
      • Lost Transmitter Beeper
      • Completely Waterproof to 500’
      • Shock Resistant to 5000 Gs


      Training Modes:

      • Continuous/Momentary/Boost/Tapping Sensation
      • Continuous/Continuous Boost/Tapping Sensation
      • Momentary/Momentary Boost/Tapping Sensation
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