DT Systems BL509 Pigeon-Quail Launcher with Transmitter

  • DT Systems BL 509 Quail/Pigeon Launcher takes safety and innovation to the next level. Load your birds with confidence, as you lower the spring arms and net into the basket, then open a trap door on the side of the basket and slide the bird into the net. The trap door also gives you the option of removing and saving unlaunched birds instead of launching them. Training birds are expensive and the trap door method reduces escapes when loading. The safety latch allows you to pack the launcher at home and transport it to the field without worrying about having it go off during transport. The quiet launch keeps it from spooking the dog when releasing the bird with the easy-to-operate transmitter. The transmitter can control up to 16 launchers with a 700-yard range. The receiver has a push-button on/off and a beeper locator feature. The transmitter and receiver operate on standard 9V batteries, which are not included.

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