Booster Bath X-Large

  • Booster Bath X-Large

    The Booster Bath will give you 360° access to your dog while bathing. Eliminate slipping and sliding, chasing the shampoo bottle, backaches, and messy bathroom clean-ups! Booster Bath provides Elevation, Containment, and Drainage which are key factors when bathing your dog. Booster Bath is durable yet lightweight and portable. Meant for use indoors or outdoors, Transform dog bathing into a quick and simple task!


    Best for dog breeds:

    • St Bernard
    • Newfoundland
    • Great Pyrenees
    • Bull Mastiff
    • Mastiff
    • Bernese Mountain Dog



    • Comes with legs, hardware bag, fan nozzle, shampoo caddy, drain hose, mat and pedestal kit.

    • 360° access allows for easy bathing and drying.

    • The rubberized non-slip mat prevents your dog from slipping and sliding during bath time to help reduce stress.

    • The legs detach quickly for easy storage.

    • The attached shampoo caddy eliminates chasing the shampoo bottle.

    • The fan nozzle snaps on the rim of your Booster Bath, it has on/off volume control and is fantastic for washing dogs. This makes for quick and easy retrieval between rinsing. Choose between a gentle stream or heavy flush, flat water pattern which allows you to sweep away soap and suds.

    • The Booster Bath is made of a UV stabilized polypropylene so it can be stored outdoors without the worry of color fading.

    • Made in the USA



    • Leg Height: 20"

    • Total Height: 35"

    • Total Weight: 20 lbs

    • Ground footprint: 48" Long 26" Wide

    • Max Capacity: 175 lbs

    • Tub Dimensions: 50" L x 21.25" W x 15" D
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