Better LCS Bird Box: Heavy Duty Wooden Bird Box

  • This is the original heavy-duty wooden bird box design that has been used by serious dog trainers for years. It features a slide open trap door on one end so that you can flush training birds right in from your quail or chukar pen or pigeon loft, the other end features galvanized wire mesh for ventilation. The sliding trap door is great for liberating quail in the field without leaving a human scent behind for the dog to follow, it's also great for releasing groups of homing pigeons learning a new route home from where you want to dog train. The heavy rubber flaps that you reach through to retrieve a bird prevents escapes. Sized right for 20 quail, 15 pigeons, 10 chukars, or 4 pheasants.

    12in x 12in x 20in

    Please note -The oversize freight charge of $10.00 will be added at check out

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