Avery True Bird

  • The Avery True Bird retriever training dummies are carbon copy versions of the mature bird in weight and size so that your dog can gain confidence in retrieving the bird to hand consistently. The body is coated in PVC that prevents hard-mouthing and is filled with dense foam for buoyancy and real bird feel. Raised V-Grip tooth locks allow your dog to firmly grip the bird. The floating head is made with the same PVC coated foam as the body to discourage your dog from thrashing, but soft enough to prevent injuries. The long-throw rope with a knob is embedded into the body of the bird for an easy toss on land or water. A perfect training tool for waterfowl hunting, retriever tests such as NAHRA or UKC/HRC, and NAVHDA versatile dog tests. The PVC coating is waterproof so the dummy does not become smelly or waterlogged. Scent can either be applied to the body on the outside, or you can use our elastic Scent Bands to absorb and hold our custom training scents.

    The realistic Teal is the proper size weight and color to accurately provide the right level of challenge for intermediate to advanced retrievers. The Small Flasher is the same size and weight as the teal but has a high-visibility black and white coloration for beginning retrievers. The Flasher is the size of an adult mallard dummy but has high-visibility black and white coloration for long marks. Please select from Flasher, Small Flasher, or Teal when ordering. Please note that the realistic mallard pictured is discontinued. The Avery True Bird retriever training dummies are an officially licensed product of Ducks Unlimited.

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