Astro Reflective Collar Strap

  • Astro Reflective Collar Strap

    Our LCS Astro Reflective Collars Straps are 1" wide with a D-Ring and designed to fit your Garmin Astro DC40, and are only available from Lion Country Supply. They are available in six colors, allowing you to assign a different color strap to each dog.

    Our Astro Reflective Collar Straps utilize the same technology as our popular LCS DayGlo Collars, they are durable multi-ply nylon with a sturdy poly coating to make them impervious to water, dirt, on odor. Then we add a 1/2" wide strip of highly reflective material the entire length of the collar strap, that catch any light from long distance making it easy to locate your dog. These collars are essential if your dog may end up near a roadway in low light conditions or at night. When a headlight shines on these collars at extreme distance, your dog's collar will light up like a beacon! You can also slip your e-collar onto this strap as well. We all use them and highly recommend them.

    Available in colors - red, blue, orange, green, yellow, or black. They are one size, and will fit a dogs up to a 26" neck size - it's easy to cut off any excess length.