Acme English Whistle

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  • The Acme English Whistles are the gold standard of dog training and trialing whistles, made in Birmingham, England. Each whistle is individually tested and guaranteed. Whistle training is vital for wild bird hunting dogs, as the sound of the human voice frightens game away. These three models are all pealess, giving a constant, even tone without trilling and no peas inside the whistle to get stuck or frozen. Each model has a distinct high pitch, allowing you to have an individualized whistle tone for those times when you’re braced with another dog/handler at hunt tests or field trials so that your dog can differentiate your call. These whistles are made especially for close working gundogs such as spaniels, versatile dogs, flushers, retrievers, and mid-range pointers, with a ¼ to ½ mile audible range.

    Choose from three models when ordering, the higher the number, the lower the pitch:

    • Acme Sonec 3 inch long 210 ½
    • Acme Sonec 3 inch long 211 ½
    • Acme Field Trialer 2 ½ inch long 212
    Be sure to order a lanyard too!


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