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    March 31, 2017 2 min read

    Dayglo Reflective Collars and More

    Step into our warehouse and you'll find the vast selections and quantities of the products we have online and in our catalog. It takes some time to get acclimated to where everything is, but after working here for over a year, I can get you from location A-1 to Z-24 and finding everything in between almost. It's not always easy as there is always something new coming into the warehouse.

    Even with the vast selection we already have, we are constantly testing, purchasing, and stocking new products to match our customers' needs. Looking at our dog collar wall, you wouldn't think that there is a size, color, material, or style that we don't have in stock. Oh, and don't forget we have leads to match just about every single one of those collars. Our large selection of dog bumpers alone covers multiple aisles, and there isn't a tone, shape, size, or color of a whistle or dog bell that we don't have in stock today. Who knew they even made so many options in these things?

    Leather Feel Collar and More

    As if we don't already have enough products from the best brands in the business, pass through the aisles of the middle and back warehouses and you'll find our manufacturing area where we build our Better LCS line of products. Stakeouts, chain gangs, and leads are just a few items we make on a daily basis. We stock a small hardware store worth of items just to make our Better LCS products. A lot of these items were designed as a direct result of our own employee's desire for products that lasted longer and performed better on their long hunts and in their kennels.

    Whether you need one of the thousands of products in stock today in our warehouse or are looking for one of our long-lasting and durable custom-made Better LCS products, I am sure we have what you are looking for. Order online or over the phone, and us back here in the warehouse will be looking to get your order filled and over to shipping to get you started on your next adventure!

    -Bob, LCS Warehouse Associate

    LCS Collars and More

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