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    January 26, 2010 1 min read

    Reviewed by: Jack Sankey, LCS Telephone Specialist

    My wife was always on me about keeping the kennel areas and surrounding yard completely clean at all times. We all know that this is impossible to be carried out to perfection, but I tried my best. Once in a while, the UPS delivery guy would step in a pile before I had done my daily chores. Then, I would really hear the old lecture again.
    Like many of us, I had always used a garden rake and a flat, long-handled shovel on "oo-doo patrol?. I really got tired of poking myself in the gut with the rake handle and cracking myself on the head with the shovel handle!
    I hated the whole job?every day. Then, we got a new product in here at Lion Country Supply?the "ooper-Scooper?. I put one to the test ASAP.
    The rake/shovel combo works great in the grass or gravel areas, and the scraper/shovel combo works best on concrete?won't be without it. No more lumps on my head (from either the shovel handle or my wife.)

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