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  • The Power of the LCS Brass Nameplate

    May 03, 2016 1 min read

    Lion Country Supply Brass Name Platesare not just for dog collars. Local customer Melvin Miller, of Osceola Mills, PA walked into our retail store this morning for some 5-way vaccines for his pups. Melvin has fox/beagles and chases foxes and coyotes.

    Melvin explained the last time he was in LCS, we placed a Brass Name Plate on his lead. About a week ago Melvin was in a hurry and left his lead on the tailgate of his truck as he pulled out from training. As you know, what is left on the tailgate is found on the road. About half an hour later Melvin received a phone call from a passing motorist and his lead was returned to him.

    LCS places Brass Name Plates on collars, leads, and Better Game Bird Bags(Pouches and Sacks). Some customers order Brass Name Plates for key rings and other personal items. A Brass Name Plate is a cheap insurance policy for not only your dogs, but many personal items. Just ask, and your order taker will simply add it to your order!


    John Bravis - LCS Gun Room

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