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  • The Furminator - Staff Review

    July 24, 2020 2 min read

    Tired of your dog shedding hair throughout the house? The Furminator brush is a must-have for any owner of a dog that sheds regularly or blows their coat in the spring. In our opinion, this is the best brush on the market for removing dead hair from your dogs. It is one of the more pricey brushes on the market, but it is built out of high quality materials and will last for years.

    The Furminator is very easy to use; simply stroke the stainless steel edge through the dog coat in the director of the hair. The tool will reach down into the dog’s undercoat, removing any loose hair. With each pass, you will be removing handfuls of hair on a thick coated breed. When the brush is full of hair, simply push the button on the back to push the fur ejector forward to easily clean and remove the hair from the tool.

    When purchasing the Furminator brush, it is important to size the blade size correctly for the thickness of hair of the dog that it will be used on. An improperly-sized brush will be less effective and could cause discomfort to the dog.




    “My neighbor was having issues with his white lab this past spring. She was blowing her undercoat and had large areas where the fur was discolored. Any time you would touch her or she touched anything, it would be covered in fur. I picked him up a Furminator the next day and I stopped over to help get rid of all that loose fur.

    After about an hour of brushing her, we had a completely different dog and a pile of hair in the drive way large enough to fill a bucket. Her coat was so much healthier and clean-looking after using the Furminator on her just one time. I asked my neighbor a few weeks later about his dog shedding and he said that even weeks later, you can rub her back without hair flying everywhere.” – Michael Cassatt, Director of Marketing

    Staff Tip: When using the Furminator, do small sessions about a week apart when the coat is really bad to minimize chances for the skin becoming irritated. We also recommend using Oatmeal Shampoo in a bath after using the Furmatinator. This is a great way to ensure that skin will be free of irritation, as well as hydrate the skin after brushing.

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