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    March 19, 2021 4 min read

    Spring Clean Up


    With the winter weather receding and the snows melting, many dog owners look to their yards to find a mine field of dog feces. In this article, I will cover reasons why you want to get all the waste out of your yard and some great products that we have to help you with that task.

    Reasons Why You Should Clean Up

    Dog poop is not only a stepping hazard, unsightly, and smells, it is also a possible breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and parasites. Dog waste can also damage your yard.

    Fun Fact: In the United States, dogs produce over 10.6 tons of waste each year.

    First of all, it can be a hazard for highly traveled areas. Anyone that has stepped on a “doggie land mine,” before knows that it's not fun. It's hard to get off your shoe and hard to clean up everywhere you track it. Not only do you have to worry about humans stepping in it, but also your pets. They are less likely to care if they step in it and are even less likely to care about tracking it all through the house.

    A common misconception is that dog waste will break down on its own or be washed away. This is not true and dog waste can take over a year to break down and if washed away, it will likely enter water ways and streams. Waste being washed away carries bacteria into the waterways accounting for as much as 30% of the bacteria found in our waterways as well as contains nutrients that can cause algae and weed growth in water bodies, which can damage the aquatic ecosystem.

    Dog waste carries several nasty bacteria and parasites that can not only affect other dogs, but can also be transported into humans. Even if your dog is not showing any symptoms of infection, they can still be a carrier of the bacteria and parasites. This is often true for viruses like Canine Paravovirus, which is normally only harmful in puppies and older dogs. Parasites left in your dog’s waste can enter the soil and live for over one year depending on conditions.

    List of bacteria and parasites found in dog waste:

    • Coronavirus
    • Gairdiasis
    • Canine Parvovirus
    • Cryptosporidiosis
    • Salmonellosis
    • Campylobacteriosis
    • Ringworm
    • Tapeworm

    Like the misconception that dog waste will naturally break down on its own, many people also think that dog waste will work as a fertilizer in their yard. This is likely due to people knowing that farmers often use animal waste to fertilize fields. While this may be true for most animals, it is not the case for dogs. Due to the diet of dogs, which is very high in protein, dogs waste is exceptionally high in nitrogen and phosphorus. These two chemicals will actually burn your lawn and because they are also acidic, can over time kill off your grass.

    Fun Fact: There are close to 125 dogs per square mile in many cities. Not picking up their waste would quickly kill off the city’s grassy areas and introduce massive amounts of harmful nutrients, bacteria, and parasites into city storm drains.

    So what do you do with all the waste?

    Did you know that dog waste is considered a hazardous waste and many (if not most) townships and county laws do not allow for dog waste to be picked up by city garbage collectors? So, what can you do with all this dog waste then? Check with your local laws. If allowed, a dog waste septic system is a great choice. The Doggy Dooley system is great large-capacity digester for 2 to 4 dogs. It's built using durable plastic that will not corrode. We supply a scope and 6 months of digester with its purchase. Not recommended to use around a garden used for food sources.

    Tools to Help with Cleanup

    Lion Country Supply sells a variety of products to help clean up your yard and kennels. We have three different Pooper Scoopers to choose from. The first being the Wire Rake Scooper, it is great for cleaning up in grassy or sandy areas. The second is a Pooper Scooper Shovel and Rake Combo; it features a sturdy, yet lightweight construction that is both durable and non-rusting. The third option is the Pooper Scooper Shovel and Scraper Combo; this combo features the same durable and non-rusting shovel and also includes a scraper that is great for cleaning up messes on concrete and other hard surfaces. The scraper is also great for chiseling frozen waste loose in winter.

    Got your kennel or patio cleaned up, but still stinks?

    If odors persist even after all the dog waste is cleaned up, we have two great products we suggest you take a look at. The number one odor killer is the Kennel Odor Eliminator liquid solution. This product works great; we use this product every time we clean the Buck's kennel. The 16-ounce bottle makes up to 64 gallons of cleaning solution. Best of all, this cleaner uses a non-irritating, non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable, and water-soluble formula, meaning it can be used everywhere in the kennel or patio without worry. The second product is another product that we use frequently at our kennel, it's the Wysiwash system. The Wysiwash attaches in-line on the end of your hose and features a built in spray nozzle. Wysiwash features a drop-in replaceable capsule. You don't have to worry about mixing a solution before cleaning! It works great at killing germs, viruses, and odors; it can be used in kennels, decks, patios, and about anywhere you need to clean. Replaceable Wysiwash jacketed caplets are available in 9 packs.

    Thanks for reading.

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