Spring Clean Up

March 08, 2016 3 min read

Spring Clean Up

With the winter weather receding and the snows melting, many dog owners look to their yards to find a mine field of dog poop. In this article, I will cover reasons why you want to get all the waste out of your yard and some great products that we have to help you with that task.

Why cleanup for poop?

There are several reasons why you should clean up your dog's poop from your yard. First of all, it can be a hazard for highly traveled areas. Anyone that has stepped on a "oggie land mine?, aka dog poop, before knows it's not fun. It's hard to get off your shoe and hard to clean up everywhere you track it. Second, it can be a health hazard to your dog and other animals. It can attract bugs and parasites, these parasites can be passed to other animals including humans. The third is probably the most obvious, dog poop simply stinks!

Did you know that dog waste is considered a hazardous waste and many (if not most) townships and county laws do not allow for dog waste to be picked up by city garbage collectors. So what can you do with all this dog waste then? Check with your local laws, if allowed a dog waste septic system is a great choice. The Doggy Dooley system is great large-capacity digester for 2 to 4 dogs. It's built using durable plastic that will not corrode. We supply a scope and 6 months of digester with its purchase. Not recommended to use around a garden used for food sources.

Tools to help with cleanup

Lion Country Supply sells a variety of products to help clean up your yard and kennels. We have three different Pooper Scoopers to choose from. The first being the Wire Rake Scooper, it is great for cleaning up in grassy or sandy areas. The second is a Pooper Scooper Shovel and Rake Combo; it features a sturdy yet lightweight construction that is both durable and non-rusting. The third option is the Pooper Scooper Shovel and Scraper Combo; this combo features the same durable and non-rusting shovel and also includes a scraper that is great for cleaning up messes on concrete and other hard surfaces. The scraper is also great for chiseling frozen poop loose in winter.

Got your kennel or patio cleaned up but still stinks?

If odors persist even after all the dog poop is cleaned up, we have two great products we suggest you take a look at. The number one odor killer is the Kennel Odor Eliminator liquid solution. This product works great; we use this product every time we clean the Buck's kennel. The 16 ounce bottle makes up to 64 gallons of cleaning solution. Best of all this cleaner uses a non-irritating, non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable, and water soluble formula meaning it can be used everywhere in the kennel or patio without worry. The second product is another product that we use frequently at our kennel, it's the Wysiwash system. The Wysiwash attaches in-line on the end of your hose and features a built in spray nozzle. Wysiwash features a drop in replaceable capsule meaning you don't have to worry about mixing a solution before cleaning. Its works great at killing germs, viruses, and odors; it can be used in kennels, decks, patios, and about anywhere you need to clean. Replaceable Wysiwash jacketed caplets are available in 9 packs.

Kennel Cleaning Tips From Buck

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