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    April 04, 2009 2 min read

    Reviewed by: Brian Parsons, LCS Telephone Specialist

    I just tested the new Sportdog SportHunter1825 training collar while hunting with my Lab and am very impressed with the new system.

    SportDOG has introduced a cradle charging system for the receiver while the transmitter is more traditional plug system. Another improvement is the 2-hour quick charge batteries that do not have memory so they can be placed on the charger at any time with no fear of over charging causing the batteries to degrade.

    The transmitter is compact for its incredible 2+ mile range and can be worn around your neck while hunting. The dog selection toggle switch is color coded for the black and orange collar straps, and the system will expand to a total of three collars. The receiver is much smaller and compact, and weighs significantly less than previous models. The only negative is the on/off button can be hard to operate.

    The 1825 can operate in 7 different modes. The mode I chose was: Upper button continues stimulation, Lower button tone only and the side button vibration. My dog has been trained with a collar with continuous stimulation only and it didn't take her long to respond to the tone as a stay close command. I also liked the vibration mode, she is a responsive dog that aims to please and the vibration seemed to work well, in place of electric stimulation

    I look forward to using this collar on my new pup and feel I can make progress with just vibration while doing yard work. In a range field test we were able to receive a signal, line of sight with no tree obstructions at 2.5 miles. This should be plenty for any big running pointing dog in heavy grouse and woodcock cover. I will have no problem recommending the SportDOG SportHunter 1825 to customers who have pointers, flushers or hounds.

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