SportDog SportHunter 1800

November 12, 2008 1 min read


Reviewed by: Cathy Carlson - LCS Telephone Specialist/Customer Service

I have been using the SportDOG SportHunter 1800 lately and have discovered there are a number of cool features that I had not realized were available on this unit. The feature I really like is the toggle switch on the handheld unit. This switch allows you to train two dogs on separate collars from one transmitter, and not lose the tone feature. Other units without the toggle result in having to program out the tone option when you expand the collar to two dogs. In addition, the unit is compact and waterproof and stands up to hard hunting conditions. I like the SportDOG SportHunter 1800 and highly recommend it!

*Note: This system was replaced by the SportDOG SportHunter 1825.

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