Safety Lining Poles

April 09, 2013 1 min read

Saftey Lining Pools

When I trained my first Lab, I was not aware that Safety Lining Poles existed. I wished I did. I did not know how to send my young dog on relatively long blind retrieves, and instead, used my youngest son, Connor, as a visual aid by having him stand a couple of hundred yards away and near bumpers. Now I know the white colored poles can be utilized first at a close distance, with bumpers in sight, then gradually increased for big blinds. They give a dog confidence, and provide a visual for running straight lines. The orange poles - highly visual to humans but not so much for canines - allows us to absolutely mark where bumpers were placed for blind retrieves. They allow for that "ha? moment that clicks when your dog has confidence in your hand signals after sending him exactly to marks. For safety in transport, the metal stake ends unscrew, are reversed, and maintained within the pole. LCS Safety Lining Poles are an absolute must for proper retriever training.

LCS Staff Member, John Bravis

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