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  • Pad Heal by Cut-Heal

    September 15, 2020 2 min read

    Pad Heal by Cut-Heal offers superb protection for hunting, working, racing, and endurance dogs. It conditions, repairs, and strengthens any splits in the pads or webbing. It also creates a germ and water-resistant barrier. Pad Heal penetrates rapidly and deeply, all without being washed off in water.  Pad Heal can also be used as a conditioner to prevent injury or damage to the paws.

    How To Use:

    To use pad heal, simply remove the lid and apply the liquid to the injured area of the dog’s paw. Continue applying once per day until the pad is completely healed. Once the pad is completely healed, you can continue applying a coating to the dog’s paws once or twice per week to condition their paws to prevent future injuries. It is recommended to kennel the dog right after applying the coating on Pad Heal to keep your dog off the injured paw to allow time for the liquid to absorb into the pad.

    Staff Tip: Pad Heal has a strong scent, so we recommend applying it in a well-ventilated area or outside.

    Ingredient breakdown:

    Pad Heal contains Raw Linseed Oil, Spirit of Turpentine, Pure Menhaden Oil, Balsam of Fir, Bees Wax, and Oil of Vitriol.

    Raw Linseed Oil helps to repair skin cells, improve elasticity, firmness, and texture of the paw. It also helps re-hydrate dry and itchy pads because of the essential fatty acids contained in linseed oil.

    Spirit of Turpentine is used to relieve pain and aids with the absorption of other compounds into in Pad Heal.

    Menhaden Oil is key source of omega-3 fatty acids that helps relieve inflammation and promote healthy skin growth.

    Balsam of Fir prevents the entry of infectious fungi and bacteria in any open wounds of the pad. Balsam is great at creating a seal that stops bleeding, as well as creating a protective barrier over the wound. It also helps thicken up the liquid to make it easier to apply and stick to the applied area.

    Bees Wax has natural antimicrobial and antibiotic properties that work to keep the wound free of infections. Bees Wax, along with the Balsam, helps seal and protect the wound.


    Pad Heal is a must-have in every dog owners’ first aid kit. With all the ways your dog’s paws could get injured or cracked, Pad Heal is the best product to get those paws healed up quickly.

    Staff Review: Late Andy Purnell, LCS Telephone Specialist, 2009

    "A couple of weeks ago after a couple of very long night's coon hunting one of my hounds came up lame. Her large pad was worn and cracked from running in some severe rocky territory. She is impossible to keep boots on, so I needed an alternative. I had a container of Pad Heal in my first aid kit and painted her paws up. After letting the Pad Heal dry, I felt her paw and it felt like I had put a lacquer or cement on it. She had no problems from the wound and I painted the others as well. It kept them from getting raw. Kind a like a liquid boot, and it works great!"

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