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    August 24, 2020 4 min read

     LCS Stake Out

    The Lion Country Supply Stake Out was designed by dog trainers and is a favorite amongst our employees and customers. Whether you’re staking out your dog for periods of time, switching between dogs, or using them as a training tool, our Stake Out will keep your dog(s) securely staked out and safe. If you’re in sandy or loose soil, use regular sized 30” stake out. If you’re in tightly packed or rocky soil, use our smaller 18” stake out. Even the hardest pulling dog will not be able to pull these stake outs out of the ground! Both our stake outs and their chains are made in the USA!

    LCS Stake Out Design

    The rods are cold rolled steel, with a nice orange powder-coated finish that makes them very visible and protects against rusting. The top of the stake out has a tangle-proof arm that rotates the full 360 degrees. When the Stake Out is properly placed in the ground, the tangle-proof arm will freely rotate as the dog moves without the chain or cable having the ability to wrap around the rod of the stake out. Each of our Stake Outs comes with a 28” heavy-duty welded link chain with Italian brass snaps at both ends.

    Staff Tip: If left exposed to the elements, the swivel may start to build up rust. If you’re stake outs swivel begins to not spin freely, spray an anti-seize or other rust inhibitor into the gap of the main rod and swivel sleeve.

    Usages of Stake Outs

    The Stake Out is a versatile tool for both training purposes and utility usage. Most commonly, our stake outs are used as a way to securely tie out your dog. Whether it is field trials, training, or simply everyday casual use, these stake outs are mobile and pound in the ground within minutes. Customers often tell us that they keep a spare stake out in their car or truck just in case they ever need to quickly tie out their dog.

    Stake outs can also be used in several different training cases. Dogs are visual learners and can quickly pick up techniques while watching other dogs work. Trainers will often stake out younger dogs where they can watch older dogs performing ground work. These younger dogs will eagerly watch the experienced dogs work and pick up on techniques displayed. Some field trailers will even stake out dogs that are about to run, where they can see other dogs competing, to build up their drive to hunt.

    Stake outs can also be used as a good tool to remove resistance from dogs.

    The stakeout chain is a very important training tool. In the horse world, tying a horse to a post has been referred to as "The Post of Knowledge" and the stakeout chain is similar for a dog. It teaches a dog to stand calmly while waiting on their owner. Dogs learn to have composure and to relax, rather than pace in a kennel barking and agitated. A dog that is pacing and barking is physically stressed and may even be a danger to themselves. It is much better to have a composed individual who is ready to go do a job the best they can.” - Ronnie Smith

    Standard vs Small Stake Out

    The Lion Country Supply Standard Size Stake Out is 30” long and uses a 3/4” diameter rod. The small size version is 18” long and uses a 1/2” diameter rod. The 30” long stake out is best used on loose or sandy ground. For compact or rocky ground, the smaller version of the stake out is ideal.

    Staff Tip: When pounding in the stake out, take your time and strike the top of the stake out each time. Missing and striking the swivel loop can lead to the welds braking or damaging the swivel function.

    Stake Out Infograph

    LCS Stake Out Video Review with Transcript


    Hi, I'm Eric with Lion Country Supply and I'm here today to talk to you about our Better Stake Outs. If you have been to hunt tests, field trials, or even your friends back yard; you have probably seen these. They are very popular item that we have. They are basically just a stake out for staking your dog out.

    We have two different options; they are both made of cold rolled steel. The longer one is thirty inches and the shorter one is eighteen inches. They both come with twenty-four inch (*edit: They both now come with forty inch) chains and high quality Italian made brass snaps. They also completely swivel 360 degrees, so they are great so your dog is not able to get tangled up around them.

    As you can see, they also have a durable bright orange powder coating; which is great so that you can see them so you don't trip over them while they are out in the yard if you have them out and your dog is not on them. The different lengths are great depending on the soil conditions you’re running in. We recommend the longer length if your hunting in sandy areas. For example: the coast of the Carolinas or maybe Wisconsin; you get a lot better holding power. The shorter one works well if you’re in a clay or rocky soil.

    I'm out here with Angie today to show you a little more about our Better Stake Out. Here it is shown with the chain; we also have the EZ Cleanout Cable which makes it a little easier if you’re muddy or dirtier area.

    One of the things we often see with the Stakeout is that they are not driven all the way into the ground. It is important that they are driven all the way into the ground so that as the dog moves around the stake, it can freely rotate so they won't get tangled.

    If you have any other questions about our Stake Out, give us a call or visit us at our website at lcsupply.com.

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