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    August 11, 2016 2 min read

    STG hunt Williams

    Photo Courtesy of NAGP and Williams

    Hello Buck and everyone at Lion Country Supply! Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I, a native of central PA and longtime supporter of Lion Country Supply, am the new Executive Director of the North American Grouse Partnership (NAGP) and give you a brief introduction of who NAGP is and what we are doing for grouse and wildlife. NAGP is the only conservation organization that advocates on behalf of all 12 native North American Grouse species and their habitats and act as a "strong>key voice? for grouse conservation. We have the largest and most experienced network of grouse biologist, researchers, and wildlife professionals that work to ensure a brighter future for grouse. Our main focus is in 2 areas, both backed by science. First, is the policy arena - ensuring public policies, particularly for federal and state management of grouse resources, are beneficial to grouse.

    Ruffed Grouse (Bonasa umbellus) by GaryKramer.net, 530-934-3873, gkramer@cwo.com

    Photo Courtesy of NAGP and Gary Kramer

    Second is management, we work to establish partnerships with others who are committed to grouse conservation and where NAGP can act as a catalyst, advisor, manager, networker, or whatever else is needed to help the on-the-ground work for grouse. We have a pretty basic barometer for our work, -Is it good for grouse?" if so, we will work to find a way for NAGP to get involved. You could say NAGP has a single and focused mission - the active conservation of all 12 of our native North American grouse species.

    Grouse are intertwined into the history of North American and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and are Icons of North American wildlife. They were an essential part of life for Native Americans, helped foreigners settle the frontier, and have captured the hearts and minds of people from all over the world. NAGP believes it's not just about the Birds, but also about the Landscapes they inhabit and the human connectionto both. NAGP will work to ensure future generations can enjoy the thrill of watching grouse strut in the forest and prairie, get awed by their elaborate displays and calls, feel the excitement of grouse flushing from under your feet or your dog's nose, the elation of spending time in these spectacular landscapes and the pride felt when grouse populations are sustained on working landscapes. We are linked to grouse and when native grouse are doing well on a landscape, it represents America at our best!

    Gunnison Sage Grouse (Centrocercus minimus) by GaryKramer.net, 530-934-3873, gkramer@cwo.com

    Photo Courtesy of NAGP and Gary Kramer

    As Executive Director I am diligently working to establishing new partnerships that benefit grouse and increasing the size, scope and diversity of grouse supporters. I look forward to working with Lion County Supply and your customers/supporters on grouse conservation. Please check out our website at www.grousepartners.org to find out more and please consider adding your "oice? to grouse conservation. If you have any questions about NAGP or grouse conservation (or your readers/customers do) please drop me a line or email. It's good to reconnect.

    " Steve Belinda - sbelinda@grousepartners.org

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