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  • New Adventures for Old Degan

    April 25, 2017 2 min read

    Degan Sarah's Dog

    I'm sure any of you who have owned animals throughout your lifetime have witnessed the toll time can take on our four legged friends. The joys of owning a dog can certainly outweigh the heartache you experience once things like arthritis and hip dysplasia set in. All we want to do as a responsible pet owner is fix everything and make it all better for those who we consider members of our family.

    I felt this way once one of our kids (as we lovingly refer to them as) started to struggle with things as simple as walking outside to use the bathroom. Degan is a black lab mix who is now hovering around 14 years old, which I understand that labs are a breed that are predisposed to hip dysplasia. For our sweet Degan, some days were harder than others, creating the feeling of helplessness.

    Shortly after starting with Lion Country Supply another employee suggested to use Lion Country Supply Max Strength Joint Soft Chew. These chews have a blend of Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. It's not just for older dogs; supplementing younger dogs will help their joints as they age, which is why I give the chews to all three of our dogs and they think they are just getting a treat. Our youngest, Rowan who is a pit-bull mix, thought they were so delicious he helped himself to an unopened container eating everything inside. You would think any over indulgence such as this would give him a belly ache, but he surprisingly seemed unaffected.

    It probably took about three months for us to see the effects of the Joint Soft Chews on Degan. He would come out in the yard more and walk further. His movements were improving as far as standing up or sitting down. One day my husband saw him meandering out in our field, which Degan had not been able to make it to for a very long time.

    Now we have been using the supplements for about two years and Degan is a much happier, healthier boy. He is able to enjoy the outdoors more and ventures down to visit the neighbors, who also happen to be my in-laws and they are always excited to see him.

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