MidWest Folding Crate Review

May 04, 2011 1 min read

Review by Jack Sankey - LCS Customer Service

Lion Country Supply started offering the MidWest line of folding crates again. These crates are? without a doubt? the best quality, most durable and user-friendly of any of the crates that my wife and I have tried. When my wife was running "odi? in AKC Agility Trials over the course of five years, we sure put a lot of miles on our crate.

I toted that thing all over Pennsylvania and five neighboring states. I really banged it around in the haste of loading and unloading trial equipment during those years'still works fine! The greatest assets of this crate are portability and durability?fold it up, lock it and get going?no hassle, no fuss. The easy-clean floor pan is just another plus. These crates are available in Medium, Large, and XL. Try one?you will not be disappointed with the quality and convenience.

MidWest Metal Folding Crate

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