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  • Meet Our Team - Michael Cassatt

    February 26, 2016 1 min read


    Michael Cassatt

    What is my position at Lion Country Supply?

    I'm the webmaster of the websites and blogs here at Lion Country Supply. I also manage our inventory software and maintain product listings online. I've been an employee at Lion Country for 1.5 years.

    What kind of dog do you own?

    I had a black lab for 14 years, but he passed away two years ago. I still train and hunt with my uncle's yellow lab now days. She will be turning 4 this year. We mainly hunt pheasant on our family farm, but the yellow lab makes a nice retriever for rabbit hunting too.

    Do you hunt?

    I mostly deer hunt with rifle and some crossbow, when I have time. But I have hunted pheasant, turkey, and coon in past.

    Do you do any trials?

    I have never done any trials. I would have loved to have competed our yellow lab as a dock diving dog, but never had the time or training experience.

    What's your favorite bird or game to hunt?

    My favorite game bird to hunt is pheasant. Hearing the roar of their wings as they take off gets my heart pounding every time.

    Favorite dog related product?

    My favorite training equipment is the Dead Fowl dummies. Growing up with retrievers, we spent several hours a week playing and training with bumpers and dummies. Our labs always seemed to like the more realistic look of the Dead Fowl dummies.

    Thanks for reading!

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