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  • Meet Our Team - Eric Munden

    March 17, 2016 1 min read


    What is your position at Lion Country Supply?
    I work as a phone sales associate as well as handling various accounting tasks. I have been an employee here for a year.

    What kind of dog do you own?
    I own a Boxer/Lab mix named Angie that has been featured in many LCS blogs and videos. I am currently training her to hunt sheds.

    Do you hunt?
    Yes, I hunt grouse, woodcock, pheasant, ducks, geese, whitetail, squirrels, and turkey. The fall, winter, and spring are very busy times for me.

    Do you do any trials?
    I do not personally trial, however I'm good friends with Dave Hughes and accompany him and his son Mark to many grouse and quail trials in Pennsylvania assisting with dogs and scouting during braces.

    What's your favorite bird or game to hunt?
    Ducks are my favorite. Watching a flock drop into a decoy spread is incredible to watch.

    Favorite dog related product?
    My favorite dog related product would by my first E-Collar which was a Mini-Educator. It changed the way I train as well as providing me with a half mile check cord.

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