Meet Jim and Ranger, the LCS shipping team.

February 05, 2014 1 min read

schrockblog2Hello everyone, I'm Jim Schrock and I work in the shipping department here at LCS. This is my dog Ranger, heis a recognized Service Dog with the Veterans Administration and the US Army. I am a Combat Wounded Iraqi Freedom Veteran with a Traumatic Brain Injury when I was blasted through a brick wall by an RPG. Ranger is a full blooded English Setter and was donated to me by Mike Thompson of Eaglerock Setters in Butler, Pa. My old dog Davey was hit by a truck in late August and as soon as Mike heard about my loss he contacted me to let me know he was giving me a pup. Ranger comes to work with me every day and allows me the opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise many timesthroughout theday. Besides a work buddy, Ranger provides me with a way to calm down when I get upset and helps me complete routines such asknowing whento take my medicine when I feed him in the morning and at night. I love my dog very much and he is my best friend.We are training right now to shed hunt since he loves to find and chew on antlers. I can't wait to get out there and get him into the woods this year.


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