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  • LCS Umbrella Holder and Camo Umbrella

    July 11, 2008 1 min read

    Adjustable Umbrella Stand

    Reviewed by: Randy Carlson - LCS General Manager

    I used the LCS Adjustable Umbrella Stand (and camo umbrella) while judging at a recent multi-day NAHRA Hunt Test this summer. The forecast was for sunny days, with scattered showers and I hoped it would be useful for both conditions. The rain held off, but the sun was intense most days. Having the shade in the middle of a field to retire to from time to time was great. The unit is stable and holds the umbrella securely while casting a large amount of shade. The umbrella will withstand up to a 20 mph breeze, but above that it will turn inside out.

    The use that really excites me about this is the upcoming dove season in September. Hunting with a black lab, I am always concerned about her overheating on warm days. This unit will be perfect for keeping her in the shade between retrieves!

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