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    January 28, 2021 3 min read

    Pennsylvania, like most areas, has heavy fog and dew enveloped cover nearly every morning in the fall. Due to this, I always take along the LCS Waterproof Chaps to keep my legs dry. These chaps easily slip on and off overtop your boots in the field. They are held in place by a sturdy, adjustable belt strap. Once the grass dries up by mid-day, a quick trip back to the truck and you can have them off in just a few minutes. With a tough 1000 denier cordura nylon, you can get into any cover to confidently kick up those birds without worrying about briars tearing up your legs or damaging your pants.

    LCS Waterproof Chaps Key Features

    • 24 Inch Side Zipper allows for easily slipping over large boots. There is no need to remove your boots to take the chaps on and off like some other brands.
    • 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon protection keeps your legs protected against briars.
    • Waterproof liner keeps your legs dry, even in the wettest of cover.
    • Belt loops with fully adjustable strap with heavy-duty snaps.
    • Comfortable, non-stiff material allows for freedom of movement with no break-in period.

    Chap Sizing

    Our Better Waterproof chaps are available in lengths 26 inches to 32 inches. When ordering, we recommend ordering a size that is one to two inches shorter than your inseam for a good fit. Our chaps also are available in medium and husky, for a better fit around the thighs. The chaps also have an adjustable strap that loops around your belt to allow for adjustments to the length.

    Made in USA

    Our Waterproof Chaps are made in the USA, locally here in Pennsylvania by a small business. This small business also manufactures our Brown Crate Pads, Trainings Jackets, Warm Weather Chaps, and a handful of other products.

    Reviewed by: Michael Cassatt – LCS Director of Marketing, 2021

    “During the fall, I make sure that I have a pair of these in my vehicle for hunting trips or even throwing on real quick for testing products in the field during work. They have held up great over the years.

    I have a 32 inch inseam and 32 inch waist, so I purchased the 30 medium chaps. They are the perfect length when wearing boots and they’re tight enough around my thighs without restricting motion.

    I recommend these chaps during late fall into early winter and early spring, as they do provide some thermal insulation during colder temperatures, but can get warm when the air temperature is in the 60s. When it’s in the 30s or lower, I would recommend something more thermal, or wearing thermal pants under these chaps.”

    Reviewed by: Randy Carlson - LCS General Manager, 2008

    “I have been using the LCS Better Waterproof Chaps for upland hunting and other general uses over the past two years with great luck. The chaps are made from heavy duty Cordura nylon on the outside (double layered on the front) and offer a sturdy waterproof liner. There is a large zip opening at the cuff that allows you to easily slip them on over the bulkiest of boots. The fit is excellent and they are cut generous in the thigh area (available in regular and husky) and have a belt strap that allows you adjust the length of the inseam.

    The only things I don't like about these chaps are they are warm when using on days above 55 degrees and due to the waterproof lining, they do not breathe well and condensation can build up against your leg. For use on hot days, the LCS Warm Weather Chaps are probably a better choice. The LCS Better Waterproof Chaps are well-made products at a fair price. I use and recommend them.”


    When in warmer temperatures and you do not need waterproof protection, the LCS Warm Weather Chaps are a great alternative. They still provide great briar protection without overheating your legs and also allow your legs to breathe through the material.

    If hunting in areas with snakes, we would recommend Rattler’s Snake Proof Chaps or Scaletech Snake Proof Chaps for the protection against snakes. Both of these chaps are guaranteed to protect against snake bites, as well briar and thorns.

    Lion Country Supply also carries two tin cloth chaps made by Filson. Tin cloth provides excellent waterproof and briar protection. These chaps come in two options, the Filson Single Tin Chaps and the Filson Double Tin Chaps. Tin chaps are not machine washable and will need re-oiled with Filson Tin Cloth Wax periodically to retain their waterproofing.

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