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  • Kennel Odor Eliminator - Staff Review

    June 14, 2013 1 min read


    This past winter's weather in the northeast, and across much of the northern part of the nation, resulted in kennels that were not maintained as well as they should have been. Kennel Odor Eliminatoris truly a 5-star product and easy to use. I simply add a small amount (directions dictate oz. per gallon of water) to a bucket of water and apply with a stiff-brush broom. After use, I also notice that carpenter bees and other insects do not alight on the kennel floor, as they normally do. Although Kennel Odor Eliminator does not have an offensive smell as other products, it will remain impregnated on your bare hands throughout the day if you come in contact with it.


    -John Bravis, LCS Gun Room

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