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  • Introducing the Garmin T5X and TT15X Collars

    February 17, 2022 4 min read 2 Comments

    Introducing the Garmin T5X and TT15X Collars

    The original Garmin T5 and TT15 collars first made their way to the stage in June of 2014. Many would agree that it’s time for Garmin to come out with an upgraded full size collar. With COVID-19 and the global computer chip shortage, it may have crushed any hopes of a new collar. As a response to the chip shortages, Garmin’s hand may have been forced to make a change because we are happy to introduce the new Garmin T5X Dog Device and the Garmin TT15X Dog Device. If you were hoping for a new innovative collar, you are going to have to wait a little bit longer though. The subtle differences of the new X-series collars poses as more of an incremental improvement that also helps solve temporary inventory and production issues.

    What is new with the Garmin T5X and TT15X collars?

    As the name suggests, these collars are built off the existing T5 and TT15 collars. If you’re familiar with Apple iPhones, then consider this a play out of their playbook, as the new X-series collars are an incremental improvement. Most of the collar functionality remains completely the same. Though there were several small, but noticeable improvements.

    One of the most significant changes was a vast improvement in battery life of the collars. By “improve,” we mean more than doubled the battery life with the right settings. The original Garmin T5 and TT15 collars’ battery was rated at a mere 20-40 hours of use, while the new X-series is now rated at up to 80 hours of battery life on a single charge! With that said, we still recommend charging your devices after every use to ensure a full battery.

    This extended battery life is partially due to the new feature of remote sleep mode. This mode allows you to remotely put your collar into a battery saving sleep mode. This sleep mode was first seen with the TT15 Mini and T5 Mini collars, but has since been improved upon in its functionality with the new TT15X and T5X collars. This may not be a selling point to all of our customers, as this sleep mode will be most helpful for those with lost dogs or dogs that are intentionally being kept out overnight. This sleep mode is also beneficial for travel time to hunting spots if you gear up your dog before you leave your home rather than on-site.

    Another change that we have observed during testing takes advantage of the new collar code assignments in the newer handhelds, like the Garmin Alpha 200i, Alpha 200, and Alpha 10. By changing to a hexadecimal code instead of a 0-9 assignment, the likelihood of getting collar inference between other collars is greatly decreased. We have noticed that the new TT15X and T5X utilize this more, as we are seeing less interference among collars.

    We are also told by Garmin that these collars have a different circuit board that is more readily available, so long gone are the days of multi-month inventory shortages.

    What devices are the Garmin T5X and TT15X compatible with?

    The new Garmin T5X and TT15X are compatible with the entire current line of Garmin GPS handhelds, which include the Alpha 100, Alpha 200, Alpha 200i, Alpha 10, PRO 550 Plus, and Astro 430 handhelds. The new collars operate exactly like their previous versions and will not interfere with any of your existing collars.

    Are the Garmin T5X and TT15X available as bundles and on their own?

    The Garmin T5X and TT15X will be available as an extra collar without a handheld: Garmin T5X Tracking Collar and Garmin TT15X Tracking and Training Collar. They will also be available in bundles with handhelds, which include the following:

    We have also made convenient one-click multi-collar bundles. which can be found on, Garmin Multi-Dog Systems.

    Change of Price

    As with most consumer goods, the price for the new Garmin T5X and TT15X collars experiencing a price increase compared to the older T5 and TT15 collars. The T5X will now be $299.99, compared to the previous $249.99, and the TT15X will now be $349.99, compared to the previous $299.99.

    LCS Trade-In Program

    Are you considering the purchase of the new Garmin T5X or TT15X collars? Do you have older equipment that you would like to trade in to save on your purchase? Check out the Lion Country Supply Garmin Trade-In Program. We accept working and non-working Garmin e-collars and handhelds.

    If you have questions on either the T5X or the TT15X collars, please leave a comment below or reach out to our customer service by either calling 1-800-662-5202 or using our website’s live chat during business hours.

    Thank you for reading!

    Michael Cassatt – LCS Director of Marketing

    2 Responses

    Michael - Lion Country Supply
    Michael - Lion Country Supply

    February 17, 2022

    @Steve, According to Garmin, the new T5X and TT15X collar use Garmin Express to update the collars, which now can be used on Windows and Mac computers.

    Steve Morawski
    Steve Morawski

    February 17, 2022

    Can the new collars be updated via a MAC or still stuck with PC?

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