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  • Important Information From the LCS Shipping Department

    April 17, 2014 2 min read

    Hello All! Jim and Ranger here with an LCS Shipping Update! Spring is officially here in Central Pa and more than ever Ranger likes to get out and chase birds and stretch his legs on our breaks.

    With the Spring/Summer 2014 catalog out and in full swing we are busy here in the shipping department making sure that every order we get is handled and out the door the same day we get them to us. We work very carefully with the packing department to ensure you order is handled and shipped with great care and detail. Out packers here are second to none and we could not do a good job with the transportation of your order without a solid and secure pack job. Here are a few pointers from us to help you get your essential training items this spring/summer:


    1.Please make sure your entire shipping address is spelled out. Using short-hand or abbreviating words could cause problems when an address wont verify in our system. Taking the time type it all out could save you a delay in getting your order.


    2. Make sure that you have a phone number listed that way if we have questions we have a more direct way to contact you other than an email which you may read right away.


    3. Please remember that orders of high value are shipped insured and may require a signature at time of delivery. Orders that exceed $600 will require the direct signature of the person listed on the invoice. -Indirect? signatures are commonly used for items that value $200-$500. This means that anyone may sign for the package at time of delivery. This signature procedure is to protect Lion Country Supply and more importantly to protect our Customers from Fraudulent transactions. If you know that you will not be home or someone will not be there to sign for the package consider making the shipping address where you work or where you typically are at the time Fed Ex/UPS deliver to your house. The carriers usually leave a tag on your door to say they stopped by. They will usually attempt to deliver the box 3 times before it is processed for return to LCS. You also have the option to have the box held at a local facility or delivered to a UPS/Fed Ex store for pickup.


    4. It would be a good idea when you order to note if your address has special delivery instructions, examples are: "e do not get US Mail here?, or -I have a hard to find address and Fed Ex or UPS know best where I am."


    5. Please reference the "hipping? tab on LCSupply.com as the information has been updated for Alaska and Hawaii (and Ranger jumped on the keyboard as I was saving the updated web info so I had to do it twice!)


    Please feel free to contact us anytime you have shipping questions, just ask for Jim in shipping.


    As for me and the pup, we are off to do some fly fishing this weekend in the awesome streams of Central Pennsylvania.


    Your LCS Shipping Team,

    Jim and Ranger

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