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  • Hudson Bay Snow Goose Hunt

    February 27, 2015 2 min read

    Grassroots efforts have initiated for the American Kennel Club to recognize a new style of retriever based out of the Hudson Bay area. The breed is built for cold weather, excellent in the water and has an extremely sensitive nose.

    Valued Lion Country Supply customer, Tom S., from Minnesota, was hunting for snow geese in the Hudson Bay area, with Kaska Goose Lodge, and related this event. Tom was flown from base camp to a staging area above the tree line by helicopter. He and three friends set up their blinds and decoys and began calling. Tom is a passionate waterfowl hunter and in a little over an hour, they had 60 geese on the ground. The wind had changed, and from the tree line Tom and his buddies watched for 30 minutes as a sow polar bear with two cubs worked their way towards them. The polar bear hit the blood scent of the dead geese and zeroed in on the blind. The hunters grabbed their gear, beat a retreat and snapped some photos as the bears devoured a free lunch. They estimated the sow at approximately 900 pounds, fired some shots, but she would not scare away. Having no other protection, or means of departure, Tom called for the helicopter to return and hover over the bear to scare her off. They were amazed how fast an animal of that size could run. The hunters were informed they needed to move their hunt to another area, since the bear would return. Tom and his friends returned to camp briefly and went back out on another hunt, watching the sky and land at the same time for a glimpse of white.

    Written by Gun Room Sales

    Lion Country Supply Snow Goose Hunting Story

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