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  • Garmin Software Update - January 8 2018

    January 09, 2018 1 min read

    Garmin just released a new software update for the Garmin Drive Track 70 (Version 5.60). This update added two new dog tracking features as well as improved upon two other existing GPS navigation features. Below is a detailed released notes.

    Garmin Drive Track 70 GPS

    Garmin Drive Track 70 In-Car GPS


    Software version 5.60

    Live as of January 8, 2018.

    Use Garmin Express to install this file (35.72 MB).


    Change History

    Version 5.50 to 5.60

    • Added menu options to the dog list to clear the dog tracks and hide active dog tracks for DriveTrack 70 devices.
    • Added the dog list to the map tools for DriveTrack 70 devices.
    • Improved the Topo Map tool on DriveTrack 70 devices by adding a list of maps instead of switching between street and topo maps.
    • Improved the names of map settings for DriveTrack 70 devices.

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