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  • Garmin Astro - DC30 vs DC40

    April 01, 2011 2 min read

    Garmin Astro DC30 versus DC40

    Garmin recently introduced their new model collar for the Astro 220 GPS Dog Tracking System, the DC40. Ever since this new model of collar hit the market, there has been much discussion and a lot of questions raised from the dog-handler community. Discussions with friends, internet chat rooms and blogs all have been buzzing with information, some correct and some false.

    We have received countless calls here at Lion Country Supply which all seem to be basically this question: - What's the difference between the DC30 and the DC40 collars'?

    Let us give you some answers to this question, based on our testing and use of both collars:

    1. Performance-based, there is no difference between the two collar models.

    2. The DC40 uses a different style cradle charging system which some folks find to be a bit more user-friendly than the DC30 charger system which is a plug you insert in a slot on the battery pack.

    3. The DC30 collar is double-ply nylon, cloth-type with the GPS unit mounted on top of the collar. There is internal wiring between the battery pack and the GPS unit on top of the collar.

    4. The DC40 collar strap is an orange, vinyl-coated Day-Glo material which is thin enough that an e-collar receiver can be slid on the same strap. (This can be advantageous for some people.) Also, you can easily switch to different color collar straps on the DC 40 model for running multiple dogs. Lion Country Supply offers 6 different colors of reflective collar straps which are pre-punched, ready for mounting your DC 40 units.

    5. On the DC40 collar, the GPS unit is built in to the end of the main re-chargeable battery unit on the collar. A collar "IN-Lock" feature is also available on this model to prevent others from tracking your collar.

    6. Longer battery life can be achieved on the DC40 collar IF you set the update reporting rate on the collar to 2 minutes. In our opinion, this is too long to wait for an update on the current location of your dog. (A big-running dog can cover a lot of ground in 2 minutes!)

    7. If your Astro 220 handheld Unit is not new or very recently-purchased, you will need to update its internal software in order to properly operate and track the new DC40 style collars. This update can be done easily by visiting Garmin's Website, download their program called the Garmin Web Updater and follow the prompts. This is free!

    8. It is also recommended that you update the software on any older DC30 collars you may have. The engineers at Garmin periodically update the software for the entire Astro System to make it perform even better.

    9. Both DC30 and DC40 are compatible with the Garmin Astro 220 and Astro 320 handhelds.

    If you have any further questions, give us a call here at Lion Country Supply - 800-662-5202.

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