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  • Garmin Alpha 10 Handheld Software Update v2.67

    October 06, 2021 2 min read

    Garmin Alpha 10 Handheld Software Update

    Garmin released a new software update today (October 6, 2021) for the Garmin Alpha 10 handhelds. This software update (v2.67) fixed an issue with the battery percentage displaying incorrectly on the screen and the FIT files not showing in Basecamp.

    List of fixes are included below:

    Fixed incorrect battery percentage on screen.

    Fixed Alpha 10’s FIT files not showing in Basecamp.


    How to Update Your Garmin Alpha 10 Handheld

    1. Install Garmin Express onto your computer. If Garmin Express is already installed on your computer open the application.
    2. Connect your Garmin Alpha 10 handheld to your computer using the USB cable included with your handheld.
    3. In the Garmin Express application, select the desired Garmin Alpha 10 handheld if shown, if the handheld is not shown press the “Add a Device” option.
    4. Once a device is selected the Garmin Express application will display the available updates for that device. Click Install or Install All to install these updates.
    5. Review the Terms and Conditions and click “Accept” to proceed with the update.
    6. Review any important notes before continuing and click Continue to begin the software update.
    7. Once the software update is installed you will get a Updates Complete message. Unplug your device and power on the device to finish the software installation process.

    Staff Tip:  We recommend that after fully installing updates, to take your device update were it has the ability to acquire satellite signal before using the device on your dog. This ensures that the device will be at peak operational condition before you use it.


    This software update will affect the following handhelds and systems:

    Garmin Alpha 10 Handheld

    Garmin Alpha 10 TT15 Bundle

    Garmin Alpha 10 TT15 Mini Bundle


    Previous software update logs for the Garmin Alpha 10 Handheld:

    Garmin Alpha 10 Handheld Software Update 2.66 (September 14, 2021)

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