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  • FOXPRO Fusion - Product Review

    January 28, 2019 2 min read

    FoxPro Fusion Predator Call

    My good friend Jason Mowery introduced me to fox hunting at night with electronic game calls when I was a teenager. We used Johnny Stewart electronics with cassette tapes and after a few times out we called in and bagged my first gray fox in the mountains of northern Clearfield County, Pennsylvania with Jason as the caller. Jason's dad was a fox hunter and taught Jason well. At that time in the 1990's Johnny Stewart electronics worked, but were limited. In relative terms the sounds weren't clear and we had to fast forward or rewind to get particular sounds. We didn't know what we were doing but we knew we liked this night sport.

    We quickly graduated to a FOXPRO and my first was a Wildfire model. We went out calling more often, learned more about the habits of our quarry and became passionate about the sport. This past weekend Jason, my cousin Steven Stiner and I entered the Rughs Farm Supply predator hunt, in Punxsutawney, PA. Armed with our FOXPRO Fusion, light caliber rifles and night lights we were confident in our equipment.

    We favor the FOXPRO Fusion for its’ ease of use and quality. The sounds are categorized (ie. grouped under birds, fox, rabbits, etc.) and the sound choices are very accessible while in the field at night. It is also lightweight (2.5 pounds with 8AA batteries). We use the FOXPITCH quite a bit that allows us to use the same call, but with a different pitch. The FOXMOTION is another option we use on occasion in big open areas. It moves the sound from the left speaker to the right and mimics the sound of a prey species on the move. In general, the Fusion's speakers are excellent and sounds are accurate.

    FOXPRO also features FOXBANG that automatically maps your caller to a predetermined setting at the sound of a gunshot. FOXFUSION mixes and matches any two sounds, but we seem to do fine without using that feature. There is also an AUTO VOLUME feature, but we like to adjust our volume manually. Regardless, FOXPRO offers those features, as well as FOXDATA that records all aspects of real time weather information, and they do have their use.

    I've come a long way as a predator hunter in the last 20 years and FOXPRO electronic game calls have been a big part of that. We had great success with our FOXPRO Fusion over the weekend and harvested four gray and two red foxes. The Fusion is our first choice and should be yours.

    Andy Jackson

    LCS Gun Room Sales

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