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  • Filson Flannel Hunting Shirt Review

    December 17, 2014 1 min read


    I've worn flannel shirts since I was a kid, with most obtained from bargain stores. Cheaper isn't better, and I've had some literally rip apart when caught on an immovable object. Filson Flannel Hunting Shirt is above, and beyond, lesser quality flannel shirts. Weave density in clothing makes all of the difference, and you can feel and see the tight weave quality in our Flannel Hunting Shirt, which provides for wind repellent. The ample curved hem keeps your shirt tucked in, while the pleated back allows for uninhibited shoulder movement. Under the arm venting is a bonus, not found in other flannel shirts! Compare price, and compare quality. Your old flannel shirts will make their way to the garage as rags, while you wear a quality Filson Flannel Hunting Shirt in style and function.

    -John Bravis, LCS Gun Room

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