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    July 06, 2011 1 min read


    You supply the plywood, the screws, a bit of dimension lumber, some quality exterior paint, a little work and you create a great looking dog box at a fraction of the cost of the all-diamond-plate models! The great thing about these kits is that they come in two sizes to fit in either mid-size or full size pick-ups or SUV's. The kits contain: the front 2-door panel (with slam-latch, lockable doors), aluminum corners, 2 adjustable side vents, complete bolt pack and instructions. (if you like to read instructions)!


    I would caution you NOT to use treated plywood make your box. This stuff is toxic if the dogs lick or chew at the inside of the box. Just use a nice quality A/C Grade plywood for your box. Paint the plywood with 2 coats of quality exterior paint on the A side BEFORE you begin to cut your component pieces-(makes for a much neater assembly job). When you're done, you'll have GREAT-looking dog transport box that you can proudly say you made yourself!

    Jack Sankey - LCS Customer Service

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