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    November 06, 2015 2 min read

    Conquest Training Scents

    With the aid of microscopes and telescopes, we can see things that no other animals can see. With sound amplification equipment, we can hear things that no other animals can hear. But we cannot even begin to approach the olfactory sensitivity of dogs. Dogs live in a world of smells that does not exist for humans, and while most trainers use verbal commands and hand signals to train dogs, the dog's strongest sense is rarely used in training.

    During the time of year when wild birds are nesting and brooding we use training scents in our dog training regimen. We scent train our bird dogs with our own LCS scents which are available in dove, duck, grouse, pheasant and quail. The nice thing about using scents is that on bad scenting days we compensate by using more scent, but scents are also very effective for covering human scent on training equipment.

    Of course we prefer to use Lion Country Dog Training Scents in our training, but there are other good scent options available. A new brand of dog training scent that I really like is the ConQuest Training Scents. Just like the LCS Training Scents, the ConQuest Training Scents are available in pheasant, duck, grouse, quail, rabbit, raccoon, but also available in Rutting Buck Scent for the deer hunters. But my main reason for liking the ConQuest Scent is the handy stick applicator. The scented stick formula lasts through training sessions on land, in water and in all weather conditions. The way I use it is by popping the cap off and wiping the scent onto the training dummy, and then re-apply the scent as needed. It's very simple and nearly hands-off.


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