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    April 12, 2013 1 min read

    Bird Necker

    When my oldest son, Hunter, was 14 he harvested his first banded Canada goose. We later learned the goose was banded the previous year, and coincidentally, on Hunter's birthday! My friend's Lab made a beautiful retrieve, and brought the bird to hand. The bird was still alive so my friend issued a quick twist of the neck and a vigorous jerk, and you guessed it - one prized Canada goose sans head. If we had wanted to mount that bird, we now couldn't, and my friend apologized profusely. With a Lion Country Bird Necker that situation would have never happened. The LCS Necker is lightweight, efficient and dispatches birds humanely. Also, with the increase of preserve shooting with high bag harvests, a LCS Necker can be very useful and humane, especially in the presence of someone new to the sport, or on the fence about hunting in general. I carry a minimal amount of items when I hunt, and don't carry a necker in the field, but they do have their place in a duck or goose blind, or preserve hunting when birds are in abundance and walking is relatively minimal. Let me tell you about the time hunting on Lake St. Clair in an 18' Alaskan boat eating a plate of scrambled eggs and a wounded mallard was retrieved. . .

    LCS Staff Member, John Bravis

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