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  • Beagle Tales Trilogy - Staff Book Review

    October 02, 2013 1 min read

    B282Written by a local rabbit hunter/beagle Reverend Bob Ford, this three book series is made up of hilarious stories compiled from years of following these merry little hounds on the chase and the day to day lives of his house hounds. Laugh along with his nostalgic remembrances of childhood, growing up in the vast mountains of North Central Pennsylvania. Reverend Bob Ford gives us a unique perspective of life today, the joys and tribulations of living with hunting house beagles. Pastor Bob mixes his love for the hunt and a thorough appreciation of the beagle as a cherished pet. Whether he is navigating the wild lands of the Alleghany National Forest looking for rabbits or the often wilder terrain of human relationships, the author is always looking for the important things in life, and casting them in a humorous light. Beagles, family and rabbit hunting are featured prominently in these collected essays, although the tales of the hunt are often a medium to tell a more profound story. All three of these books are perfect for camp, your beagle club or just laying around on the coffee table at home. They are a must have for any "og man? no matter his/her breed of choice!

    Beagle Tales 2, Beagle Tales 3

    -Andy Purnell, LCS Customer Service

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