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LCS Backing Dog with Transmitter and Receiver

  • LCS Remote Backing Dog with 6 Button Transmitter

    The LCS Remote Backing Dog trains a pointing dog to back, honor or stop when he sees another dog pointing. Your pointing dog has to back or honor in the AKC Senior Hunter Test, AKC Master Hunter Test, AKC Field Trials in the Gun Dog and All-Age stakes, and the following field trials: American Field (AF), Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB), Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America (AFTCA) and National Bird Hunters Association (NBHA). This unit comes with a LCS 6 Button Transmitter.

    Select from our line of universal remote transmitters to operate in the field with up to a half mile range with our 8 button transmitter. Solid steel base is sturdy enough that no tie-downs or stakes are needed. Reliable drive motor stands the life-sized dog silhouette; he’s 25 in. at the shoulder and 33 in. from nose to 12 o’clock tail and is made from light weight plastic. The unit folds into a 24 in. wide by 20 in. long profile with a built in carrying handle for easy transportation. The unit has tried and true LCS receiver electronics with a rechargeable battery for the silhouette motor and a 9 volt battery on receiver.

    Each LCS Remote Backing Dog is individually tested for full functionality at our headquarters before shipment, but please be sure to read the instructions upon receipt of the product. We have to ship the backing dog with the positive power lead disconnected due to shipping restrictions. You will have to connect the positive battery lead prior to charging and operation.

    Backing Dog Specifications:

    • 24in. x 20in. x 8in. with dog folded down.
    • Weighs 35 pounds
    • Dog is 20 in. to top of the shoulder and 34 in. in length

    Battery Specifications:

    • Rechargeable 12 volt battery for the backing dog unit.
    • 9 volt replaceable battery for the receiver.

    Due to the size and weight of this item, we are only able to ship to the lower 48 states.

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