Ugarttachea Grade I 12 Guage

September 14, 2010 1 min read

Reviewed by: Marilyn Brown LCS Shipping Specialist
A women's point of view

My husband won a Grade I 12 Gauge Ugarttachea that was donated by Lion Country Supply in a gun raffle. As an LCS staff member, I am very familiar with the brand - but would not have thought of buying one. A few weeks ago we took the Ugart and some sporting clays to try the shotgun for the first time. On my first shot with the gun I smashed the clay to bits. "ow?, I said, "his gun is light! It must weigh no more than 6 pounds!" I have some small female friends who were having trouble lifting the pump action we also had with us, and they were able to bring the Ugart up to their line of vision and hold it there, no problem. It kicks hard as it is a 12 gauge, so I purchased a butt pad for comfort. The gun itself is quite beautiful. It is light with a nice grain of wood in the stock. It has a beautiful periwinkle finish which varies according to the grade of gun. I recommend this shotgun for those who collect, shoot, or anyone who wants fine Spanish made firearm! - Ugarttachea Grade I Upland Classic

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