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    August 15, 2020 3 min read


    When considering the purchase of a bed for your canine friend, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the choices on the market. Dogs sleep or lounge up to 20 hours per day, mostly occurring at puppy and senior stages when dogs either exert more energy or tire out more quickly. Choosing the right bedding for your dog is essential. Luckily, Lion Country Supply carries a wide selection of bedding options to meet your needs from supportive orthopedic or durable elevated beds to natural Red Cedar ribbons. In this blog, we’re going to roughly outline the different types of beds to help you reach the best decision for your dog.

    Orthopedic Beds:

    It’s no surprise that just like humans, dogs experience stress on their joints from traditional bedding or flooring. While it is true that orthopedic beds are great for senior dogs that are more at-risk of health or mobility issues as they age, it’s important to know that dogs at any life stage can also benefit from this type of bedding. Orthopedic dog beds utilize pressure-relieving foam padding, such as memory foam that forms around the body’s contour as they lie down. The bed adjusts to the weight distribution to provide your dog with well-aligned support for their joints and back. The Mud River Memory Foam Crate Cushion is a great option for dogs accustomed to kennel use, whether while travelling or at home. Another alternative is the MidWest Orthopedic Dog Nest, which uses convoluted egg crate foam to provide support and comfort. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog discussing more in-depth benefits of orthopedic beds!

    Staff Tip: Unfortunately, orthopedic beds may not be as chew-resistant against destructive dogs in the way that elevated beds can be.

    Elevated Beds:

    Raised or elevated dog beds are less common than their memory foam or cushioned counterparts, but they remain more practical in many situations due to their undeniable durability and design that allows for temperature control. Elevated dog beds are the equivalent of a cot for humans, suitable for either indoor or outdoor use and are adaptable in too hot or too cold climates. On hot days, a raised bed is a great option because it provides cooling circulation underneath the frame whereas traditional fabric bedding holds heat. The raised platform design also works to keep dogs off cold floors and can be easily moved closer to a heat source in the winter. Elevated beds are also portable, being the perfect travelling companion to outdoor destinations to keep your dog from laying directly on dirt, mud, or wet grass. Lion Country Supply is proud to carry the chew-proof, light weight Kuranda Aluminum Dog Bed and Kuranda Poly Resin Beds. Not sure which of the two Kuranda beds are right for your dog? For more information on elevated dog beds and a deep dive comparisons, check out Should You Consider An Elevated Bed For Your Dog?.

    Cedar Bedding:

    The LCS Red Cedar Ribbon Bedding is an all-natural, aromatic, and absorbent bedding solution for outdoor dog houses, field crates, or indoor whelping boxes. The premium ribboned bedding differs from cedar chips, which are notorious for producing dust and smaller chip particles that may cause irritation in the event that it gets into the dog’ eyes and nose. Cedar bedding provides greater warmth than straw or hay while also being a deterrent against fleas and ticks. If you are needing to reduce odor or keep insects at bay, all while still being comfortable, safe and sanitary, look no further that Red Cedar Ribbon Bedding.

    Check out the LCS Staff Review on Red Cedar Ribbon Bedding.

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