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  • To Beep "r Not To Beep. A Look At Beeper Collars.

    June 11, 2013 2 min read

    "strap on the old bell collar, call "r good and go for it. Yes, you could say the old boy is simply too set in his ways to change and you would be right. Admittedly out here in the land of big hats and pointy-toed boots bird dogs sporting bells are about as rare as white buffaloes. I honestly have not heard or seen a belled up bird dog out here, other than my own string, ever. But since I operate on the premise it ain't broke well, you know. Don't expect to see Annie come beeping through the sage anytime soon.

    OK, knowing that by now you are no doubt somewhat confused I will get to the point.

    The point is such thinking on my part is of course way out there. The wild, wild West is made to order for beeper collars. Bells are out, beepers are in. It is easy to "ose? a belled-up dog on point. It is hard as hell to lose one wearing a modern, state-of-the-art beeper.

    Naturally my hunting buddies swear by beepers, would not on threat of their lives go back to bells, and rightly so. Actually I too am truly in awe of how far beeper collars have evolved over the years. I did a little survey yesterday which sort of proved what I already suspected. Turns out in my relatively small circle of serious bird hunters' serious defined as those who chase only wild birds on public or free access private lands in two or more states on an annual basis, beeper collars run the gamut. Tritronics, Dogtra, SportDOG and DT Systems units are all well represented and more to the point all get nothing less than rave reviews. Individuals, of course, rave on their own particular favorites but as I say "is what makes the world round?". Right.

    That LCS carries the entire line-up should of course not surprise.

    So there you have it. Yes, I know, another one those don't do as I do old man rants but this one really is the best idea.


    Chuck Robbins

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