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  • Soft Bump Cap - Staff Review

    November 15, 2013 2 min read

    HL3I do a fair amount of night hunting and I have always worn the standard hard bump cap usually associated with coon hunting and coal miners. I had always felt a bit awkward while wearing them as the short brim didn't make a very good handle when I would lift the helmet and attempt to wipe sweat off using the generally small sweatband on the front of the harness holding the bump cap on my head. The old standard bump caps were always very plain and very serviceable but just a little uncomfortable. I am a hat guy, I can almost always be found with a baseball style cap on my head and I prefer the fitted type, low profile caps. The new style soft bump caps we are now carrying at Lion Country Supply are just the thing! It is a low profile baseball style cap with a hard insert fastened to the inside. The low profile and slim lines of the soft bump cap allow us to put a knit hat over top when the temps really drop. This is an important feature you will not find with any other bump cap. Made to protect from the low branches we encounter when hurrying through the woods, trying to get to the dogs on the tree and any debris knocked down by the raccoon (or Possum) rustling around above our heads. The hard insert is also very supportive of the light, while the lights are very light, they will push down on the brim of a normal soft cap with just the bracket eventually covering my eyes or pushing my glasses off my nos. It had gotten to the point I was so annoyed by this, I just slung the light over my shoulder and wore any one of my favorite hunting hats. The new style caps are so comfortable I am now as likely to put on my HL2 as grab a flashlight anytime I need the extra light, whether I am cleaning kennels, bringing in firewood or chasing hounds. I give this product 3 thumbs up! ( I borrowed one)

    -Andy Purnell, LCS Customer Service

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