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  • Pet Biotics Training Treats Help Simcoe's Crate Training

    January 07, 2016 1 min read

    Pet Botanics Training TreatsHave you recently brought home a new puppy or dog and now he needs some basic training, and you need a training aid? Try Pet Botanics Training Treats, these all natural low-calorie treats with a delicious Bacon flavor, and moist, not dry texture that dogs salivate over are perfectly sized for repetitive reward training. These training rewards are also nutritious and filled with key ingredients such as vegetables and fruits, which mean no animal by-products or artificial flavorings and they induce brain stimulation through other key ingredients and nutrients.

    A product review in-house yielded great results. A young Brittany pup by the name Simcoe owned by one of our own was given Pet Botanics Training Treats for kennel training and is progressing very well. Simcoe is also working on other basic obedience commands with the help of Pet Botanics treats! We also use these treats as a training aid for our other dogs.

    Simcoe loved the taste of the training treats and has obviously adapted to them quickly. The bacon flavor is just the perfect key flavor for all dogs, sporting or not. In addition to great taste these biotic treats are filled with vitamins and nutrients and help the dog's digestive system. These treats are also all made in the USA under the strictest guidelines and not imported so you know that it is a quality product inside and out!

    So, if you are in the market for a great training aid or just a new healthy treat for your dog these Pet Botanics Training Treats are the perfect addition to your dog's diet and your field bag!


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