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    May 21, 2008 1 min read

    Deluxe Crate Fan

    Reviewed by: Cathy Carlson - LCS Customer Service

    The LCS Deluxe Crate Fan is one of the best crate fans I have found. A couple of unique features really set this fan apart. First, is the adjustable thermostat that really does work well and helps to extend battery life. The other is the blue ice Cooling System that is really useful on warm, humid day. This is an additional component that you store in your freezer and take into the field in a cooler. It clips onto the crate fan and when operating blows cooler air through the fan into the dogs crate. Depending on the air temperature, the blue ice will only last about an hour, but you can get additional ice packs and keep them in a cooler for use as needed.

    The thing I didn't like about the fan it is easy to bump the off/on switch when traveling and wearing out the batteries prematurely. This can be remedied by opening the battery compartment and reversing one when traveling, then just flip it over when you want to use the fan.

    The Deluxe Crate Fan is well made and is a great help is keeping your dog cool when it's hot.We also carry a Deluxe Crate Fan and Cooling System.

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