A break in the weather means a day in the field.

April 02, 2014 1 min read


Doug Wennick, Billie and Brian Parsons in the field.


Brian and his lab Billie

I finally had opportunity to something I've wanted to do for a while. I got to
participate in a preserve pheasant hunt! Some of you may go a lot, I know I
would if I had bird dogs, but being a dyed in the wool beagler, it never
occurred to me how much fun it would be. It started the evening before when
Brian came up to Doug and I and asked if we would be interested in skipping out
of the office for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Hmmmm. Obviously It
didn't take too long to make that decision. Brian Parsons, Doug Wennick and I
were able to meet up at a local preserve owned and operated by a good customer
of ours, J.D. Kelly. We spent an afternoon at the Spring Lane Hunt Club,
chasing Brian's Lab Billy as she flushed up every bird she could find and man,
she found quite a few. The birds were very cagey and not at all like the dumb ditch
chickens that I expected. We had about 3 hours of the most fun I've had in
years and I fired more shots in that couple of hours than I have the last 2
hunting seasons combined. If you have never tried a "unt? like this, you owe
it to yourself!


Billie proudly displays her pheasant haul


Andy and Brian search the field

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