Whelping Kit Medical Supplies

  • Whelping Kit Medical Supplies

    When it comes to breeding the goal is to develop, improve, and maintain a breed which reflects superior. It requires careful planning. Our whelping kit includes all the essentials that you’ll need for the whelping porting of the breeding process.

    Whelping Kit Includes:

    • surgical scissors
    • forceps
    • antiseptic bactericidal/virusidal swabs
    • alcohol swabs
    • surgical gloves
    • lubricating jelly
    • puppy formula
    • nursing bottles
    • thermometer
    • liquid puppy vitamins
    • litter marking cords
    • unwaxed dental floss
    • Bene-Bac
    • Nutri-Drops
    • pedigree forms
    • puppy information sheets
    • carrying case